All I Am, I Owe to My Mother

Quoting mum:

“God is love, He will never call us to anything that will harm us in the smallest of ways unless there are hidden redemptive purposes within. He is Love & can never act in contradiction to His character.

If doing His will comes with some measure of bitterness, that too serves a good and where sight fails an explanation, faith ultimately will reward in full upon our glorification.”

“Only ensure it is truly His Will & that we not only answer His call but follow His timing & His methods in fulfilling it. No half measures, hearing in the spirit but fulfilling in the flesh. That will never do.

There are many options for us to serve God, so we bargain with Him when He calls us to do the one thing we resist. We offer Him a hundred things but refuse Him the one thing He asks us for.

How foolish is the human heart, how much unbelief resides in the heart of a professing believer!”

“Since when has death become so dangerous to a child of God? Isn’t this God’s very means of translating His beloved into His bosom?

Her (Rachel’s) death should it occur as a result of obedience, exploring now the ultimate ‘loss’, will be nothing less than her greatest gain. Only the living ones who love her will suffer tremendous grief for a time.”



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