Where is home?

Am slowly coming to terms with all the major life changes that are coming so very soon.

On my birthday last month, Nick asked what I wanted to do. I asked if we could go to the cemetery, and he kindly obliged. (Love this man who humours the sentimental side of me!) Having been engaged just a few days before that, it seemed fit almost, to do something like that.

Saying hello to something new sometimes requires a goodbye.

It feels a little like death. To leave a job I thoroughly enjoy and students whom I love with all my heart. To leave a church that has been so supportive and nurturing in so many ways, people who have seen me through my illness and heartbreak. Leaving my family; walking away from what has been a vital part of my life these twenty-eight years. I trust the Lord will keep me through that painful pulling away, and not just for me, but I know He will take care of my parents and brothers too.

But yes, I am saying goodbye to a life I once knew.


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. girl!!! hahaha that is a highly unusual birthday request!!!! on a serious note, it is an interesting feeling isn’t it – but such a blessing that you have wonderful things in your life that makes saying goodbye harder. thank God that we have an eternal joy through salvation in Christ regardless of our physical circumstances. praying that God will help you to see the new beautiful people and things that you will encounter in newer chapters of your life :o) big hugs!

  2. :’) Am both happy and sad when I read this post, Rachel! Sentimental part of me is sad. Keep walking in His ways cos you’re an inspiration (the real deal) to lots of us!

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