I have never worked so hard in my entire life! (Nick says, I must have lived a pretty cruise-y life!) Never knew that wedding planning would take so much time and work but I’m grateful for a fiancé who shoulders the responsibility of planning, who works so hard, is resourceful and thrifty, and plans the wedding in hopes that every part of the ceremony will ultimately point to the love of Christ for His bride, the church.

Am so grateful for his parents and mine, who graciously offer help and our mums who prepare nutritious meals for the ravenous groom and bride to be after a long day. Thankful for both sides of siblings who have been so servant-hearted to offer help in the menial-est of tasks, never mind that they have many responsibilities of their own…

Friends! Friends who go the extra mile, cheerfully offering help and reassurance when I worry that I may be troubling them a tad too much…

Do continue to keep us in prayer as we run the last lap of preparation towards the wedding on February 7th. The to-dos are never ending, despite all the delegating we are trying to do, there are so many other things that we need to figure and work out on our own. Pray for good health for nick and I, pray for physical, mental and emotional strength & more importantly, that we do not lose sight of what’s most important.







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