Quick Update 

We have been in the city (4 hours away from our home base) for the past 2 days, having had to send some friends from ministry off to the airport and it has been a time away just to do some quick purchasing for the home as well as catch up on rest. I am also able to drop a quick line here now that I have access to the Internet from our accommodation here.

The first few days upon arrival were busy and tiring with lots of cleaning to do. (Think rat and lizard poop, spiders & cobwebs and dust aplenty everywhere). 

God has been gracious, and I am well. 

Please pray that He leads us as we begin to start our journey here in the interiors. 

Pray for safety for Nick when he travels out into the depths of the interiors and for mine as I manage the home base alone. I’m afraid, but pray that providence will make a way either for me to stay with someone we trust, or for safety and peace should I have to remain at home alone. 

It is challenging, but life is good simply because God is good and His grace is always sufficient, always present and always ready to meet us at our point of need. 

Oh how we need Him. 

Please us in your prayers if we cross your mind. We truly need, covet and cherish your prayers. 

His, and yours in Him,


Discovered rat poop under our mattress just as we were about to sleep…


4 thoughts on “Quick Update 

  1. Ewww…that last picture makes me skin creep. Anyway, I’m glad that you are beginning to settle down a bit. I pray for God to surround you with many wonderful, supportive, godly and beautiful people – those who you can call on to share your heart in time of need and to sing blue-hoo-hoo songs with you when you are down. Lovvvvvve.

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