He Satisfies Us with Good Things

After being here in Indonesia for nearly two months now, I am beginning to crave for odd things like jam & crackers, cake and French fries (not so odd – my all-time favourite snack!)

Guess where and when I got my cravings fixed! 

In two unassuming, remote, out-of-the-way villages called Abah and Beringin

Nick, Hengki (our missions team member and dear brother in Christ) and I were serving there last week, reconnecting with families, building bridges with new friends, giving basic medical care & treatment as well as ministering to the many village children who were so eager to learn, play and hang around us. 

I was never one who needed cake or looked for cake when I was back home in Penang. Rarely do we crave for food we have so easily accessible, don’t you think? Plus. I was a butter snob. Back home I would wrinkle my nose at the taste of a cake made with margarine (toxic! Poison! Trans fats! Hydrogenated oils!) and always swore by good quality butter in my cooking & baking. 

Well, our host happened to be baking on one of the days we were in Abah, and I had the most delicious margarine cake ever! And in my heart, thanking God for loving me so much to even humour such a small desire. 

When we visited Kampung Beringin for the first time, we eventually ended up in a home where the host had an abundance of tapiocas. Within an hour, there were 3 plates of piping hot tapioca fries laid in front of us. I knew it was not a coincidence. This was Papa, telling me, “I love you, my precious daughter.” 

He truly satisfies our mouths with good things, so that our youth is renewed like the eagles. (Psalm 103:5)

This verse became such a reality to me this trip. 

How many times have we been blessed over & beyond, more than our needs but the extras. The extras that say, “I love you. I delight in you. You are the apple of my eye.” 

May our eyes never grow dim to the many blessings He bestows on us each day. May we never receive our everyday providences with a sense of entitlement, God forbid that we become ungrateful or covetous. 

Yummy tapioca fries!


3 thoughts on “He Satisfies Us with Good Things

  1. He always put a smile on my face whenever He answer my small request. But it blessed my heart knowing that my Big Dada (Daddy) will do even the smallest this for me.

    Missing you lot. Hugs ❤

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