Lord, Come…

One of the things I miss most about leaving home, is having a mum and dad.

Being one who has virtually never left home, I now sometimes feel almost ‘orphaned’, having to bravely face the crowd of spectators on my own, square my shoulders bravely when the tears treaten to spill and hold myself together.

I wish I could go back to a hidden life, but I know He demands more of me. This illness, my foolishness, my struggles are all part of His platform for me.

I don’t want to make Christ ashamed of me. Standing at the fore front provides more potential for witness but also the dangers of stumbling another.

Oh, how I wish and pray for a mentor to whom I would able to share freely, unedited without fear of judgment. To receive the counsel and reprove that I need.

But I miss feeling the arms of Papa most…
Somehow amidst all the activity and adjusting, I have lost sight of what it means to pause and rest…

And today You brought John 14:18 to mind. Though all my being cries out for a mum and dad, for a mentor, You have promised You would not leave me as an orphan, You would come to me.

And this is my prayer tonight.

Lord, come. It’s been too long…


One thought on “Lord, Come…

  1. Hugs, sis. Feeling you and praying that God would bring you His best relief for a groaning heart. Love you. Be strong.

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