Happy Birthday, Daddy!

I’m glad you’re spending your birthday in beautiful Scotland with your even beautifuller wife 😀

Thank you for being my father and for always desiring the best for me. I recall you barging into the doctor’s office with comical aplomb when one of the junior doctors broke the news to us about my illness. I found it so humorous even at that time, when most patients would be grim and worried.

Thank you for constantly saying that you enjoy my piano playing, and for paying attention to my music whether you’re busy watching the news on TV, catching up on Malaysian politics and international and unbiased news on the Internet or even more importantly, very important business in the bathroom (okay, I got a little too far… Whoops).

It is difficult to put into words what I’m grateful for, for a father does many things that we can and usually do take for granted. Unlike a mother, a father is usually more detached from his offspring due to time constraints and work responsibilities, and more clueless when it comes to their children’s emotional and social needs. But a father bears many difficulties in the outside world as he shoulders the responsibility of providing for his family. A responsible father is willing to bear the burden of seeing his children grow up well and ensures that their basic needs are provided for.

Thank you for being that father to me, and so much more.

I love you.

Happy birthday. 




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