Cooking in a Jiffy

Two of the things that I enjoy doing most in Indonesia are cooking for people and teaching English to the neighbourhood children.

I guess for both, it’s the smiles that I see that brings me satisfaction and joy.

Some of my fav dishes to whip up when I’m in a hurry –

1. Stir fried French beans in salted egg. It’s absolutely yummy, ingredients can be stored ahead of time and it’s incredibly easy to prepare. I steam the salted egg yolks in the rice cooker as the rice is cooking and fry the beans with the egg whites after I’ve sauteed some garlic in the wok. When the beans are nearly done, add in the smashed egg yolks and mix evenly. The rich taste of the salted duck eggs goes absolutely well with the natural sweetness of the green beans. Give it a go! šŸ™‚

2. Mushroom chicken. Marinade chicken pieces in Chinese wine and corn starch. Heat oil in pan, fry ginger slices, add chicken and stirfry till half cooked before adding mushrooms and zucchini slices (optional). Add oyster sauce, soy sauce and pepper. Add corn starch mixed in water as sauce thickener. Stir fry and add water, sugar and salt to taste. (credits to for this simple but delicious recipe!)


There are more recipes, but here are two for now. šŸ™‚


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