Quoting Gandhi and Ray Comfort (and a little of my own thoughts)

Mahatma Gandhi –
“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

Ray Comfort’s response –

“Mr Gandhi, did you ever say that you were God in human form, or did you still a storm with your voice, walk on water, raise the dead, and perfectly predict the future?

Were you morally perfect – in thought, word, and in deed?

Did you warn that you would raise all humanity from the dead and judge them? Did you raise your body three days after your death, and ascend into Heaven?

Unless I’m dreadfully mistaken, you did not. Then you too, sir, were so unlike our Jesus. You too were a sinner, desperately needing God’s mercy. I hope you were trusting in Jesus on that fateful day when death suddenly came to you. We will find out on judgement day.”

With new scandals of fallen pastors, church leaders, it is no surprise that many are put off by the gospel and by anything church and Christian. We truly deserve to be ashamed of ourselves.

Before we start dirt flinging and stone hurling, we should take a look at our own lives and hearts.

Do we secretly covet the same fame, status and popularity those ‘superstar’ pastors possess?
Do we cherish secret sins in our lives?
Do we view our sheep as a means to our gain? Perhaps in covert ways, preaching in such a way to gain favour with audiences rather than seeking to be true to the Word. Perhaps using the people we serve as ways to find our validation and approval.

There are so many ways, we are also prone to fall if we do not keep watch.

Many times we think, only the pastors, church leaders and missionaries have to keep watch. But we are all soldiers in a battle! But sometimes when I look around at ourselves, I think we are a whole bunch of distracted soldiers, drunk, carousing with pleasures, seeking for every opportunity of pleasure, entertainment and comfort for the flesh. Being on the mission field may take me away from these temptations, but they do not necessarily weed out these fleshly desires from me.

We have to be on guard.

But to my fellow friends, who have yet to come to accept what I believe in, I would beg you, please let it not be because of our failures that you turn away from seeking God and knowing Him for yourself.

It is like refusing to put on a parachute in an aircraft emergency, simply because you’ve been sickened by fellow passengers who merely pretended to put them on.

Ignore them, put it on anyway!

If we really love Christ and His people, we must endeavour all we can to live in a way that will draw others closer to Him.

Lord, help me.


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