The Neighbourhood Children

Over the past 9 months, I have had the privilege and blessing of teaching these children from our neighbourhood.

They have been a saving grace to me. In my moments of loneliness and homesickness, I will hear voices calling my name “Kak Rahel! Kak Rahel!” and my tears would quickly dry as I run out to start English lessons with them.

Initially, I was at a loss how to start teaching English to a bunch of kids with no prior experience of reading and writing in English. I started by teaching them the English alphabet and developing their vocabulary using simple alphabet books and flash cards.


As their vocabulary expanded, I started teaching them basic conversational skills, sometimes using role play. Here, pictured below, are three boys doing role-play as shopkeeper and customers. šŸ™‚


We had fun learning together. We had lots of laughs, they at me, when I spoke Indonesian funny (which is very often) and they at themselves when they deliberately pronounced English words the Indonesian way.

We were gifted with a precious, brand new set of Peter and Jane books and the older children are now reading some of the books fluently with understanding. Oh joy!


Some words they are capable of spelling from memory, as shown from their game of scrabble.


I am grateful for the their eagerness to learn and I am proud of them for their effort and perseverance.


There are only a few sad episodes in teaching for me. Losing Melia, Possun, Ajel and Willy. I will never forget Willy’s cheerful grin and how he used to come to the house several times a day to ensure that English class would run that day. Known as the naughty one among the rest, he was obedient in my class and especially loved colouring pictures. He was the perfect encapsulation of an imp. I miss him very much. Melia, Possun and Ajel were earnest students and wanted to learn amidst their learning difficulties. Sadly they have all moved away from our neighbourhood, with Willy and Ajel staying some several hours away from our town.

Please pray for God to continue to bless these children with understanding and the aptitude to learn. I desire to see them grow, and I pray this class be not only a means of teaching them English and equipping them for the future, but that it would also show them a glimpse of God’s love for them.



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