How to Survive Valentines Day

For the single person, Valentines can be one of the the loneliest and toughest days on the calendar.

Having gone through a painful heartbreak just two days just before Valentines in the past, I can identify a little with how one must feel. I was also the kind of girl in high school who received no flowers, gifts or notes on that dreadful day whilst other friends were beneficiaries of cards, dates, cutesy whatchamacallits. One piece of chocolate also tak ada. 🙂

But here were some things that helped me as the years go by.

1. Know that not every couple celebrates Valentines. (Nick and I don’t.)

2. Avoid Facebook and social media like a plague. Not everyone is affected by social media and comparison but know yourself and your weak points.

3. Overcome self pity and envy by doing something for someone else! Especially if you do enjoy making special dates special, then go ahead! Cook dinner for your family, make little parcels of treats for your nephews/nieces/friends… In seeking out to bring joy to others, you will find joy yourself.

4. Invest in others’ marriages (your time, your gifts). Baby sit your friends’ children so that they can have a romantic night out. Whatever you hope to receive in the future, invest it now in someone else. Your turn will come someday.

5. A piece of advice I love from Elisabeth Elliot for young unmarried women – don’t chase boys.

This post is inspired (in the wee hours of the morning) by my mother who was (and is), always thoughtful and kind. She has blessed many with her generosity, friendship and caring ways. What I’ve mentioned above are only things I have learned through observing her example.

My mother continues to be my role model. She has never once flaunted her blessings, but is always considerate of the feelings of those around her.

Mum, this post is dedicated to you.

Happy Valentines Day. ❤



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