The Follow up Post… 

Dear friends, 

to those who read and prayer alongside me, 

Thank you. 

God truly answered our prayers & our major concern (with the border soldiers) have been resolved. We were raya visiting with one of my student’s family who happened to have connections with the commander at the border. This neighbour travelled 3 hours to the border and another 3 hours back to get us our identity cards which had been held by the soldiers at the border. Talk about going the extra mile. This was on the 3rd day of Hari Raya, and Raya celebrations usually go up to a week with the first few days being the busiest. We are just grateful & thankful.

It also gives me a glimmer of hope that relationships are being built & that our work is somehow being recognised and appreciated (this cute pak cik informed the commander that I am teaching his son to speak English. The commander then replied saying that I should come and give all of them lessons too. Hallelujah!) 

Our water is slowly returning and we are able to get cooking/cleaning and washing again (mostly at odd hours, 10:30pm is the time to get laundry done 😁). 

Thanks friends, for praying and for your love. We appreciate it. 


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