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She Stands Alone 

She stands alone, both tall and true.

The perfect picture of solitude.

The soul of a woman encased in bark.

With limbs that move in a majestic arc.

Alone she’s faced the storm of life.

The wind and rain, disease and strike.

Others gave up but no, not she.

And there she stands for all to see.

She’s had her share of troubles and woes.

But she made it through and still she grows.

Like her I too know grief and pain.

I’ve faced the wind, I’ve felt the rain.

And like her too, I still stand tall.

It may throw punches, I may take a blow.

But in the end I too shall grow.

Each storm I weather increases my strength.

And beneath this skin, my soul’s to thank.

The elm and I, we know what to do.

We count on ourselves, and make it through.

-Kelly Cook

Accepting Suffering

The faith of Job is astounding in view of how much less he knew of the love of God than we who know Him through the life and death of Jesus Christ. We have a whole Bible full of revelations about suffering. Job’s response was perhaps closer to capitulation than acceptance, but it was enough. God told his friends Job had spoken the truth about Him while they had not.

We have been shown the way of acceptance on every page of the life of Jesus. It sprang from love and from trust. He set his face like a flint toward Jerusalem. He took up the Cross of His own will. No one could take His life from Him. He deliberately laid it down. He calls us to take up our crosses. That is a different thing from capitulation or resignation. It is a glad and voluntary YES to the conditions we meet on our journey with Him, because these are the conditions He wants us to share with Him. Events are the sacraments of the Will of God – that is, they are visible signs of an invisible Reality. These provide the very place where we may learn to love and trust . Heaven waits for our response.

Elisabeth Elliot
(The Path of Loneliness)

Lord, Come…

One of the things I miss most about leaving home, is having a mum and dad.

Being one who has virtually never left home, I now sometimes feel almost ‘orphaned’, having to bravely face the crowd of spectators on my own, square my shoulders bravely when the tears treaten to spill and hold myself together.

I wish I could go back to a hidden life, but I know He demands more of me. This illness, my foolishness, my struggles are all part of His platform for me.

I don’t want to make Christ ashamed of me. Standing at the fore front provides more potential for witness but also the dangers of stumbling another.

Oh, how I wish and pray for a mentor to whom I would able to share freely, unedited without fear of judgment. To receive the counsel and reprove that I need.

But I miss feeling the arms of Papa most…
Somehow amidst all the activity and adjusting, I have lost sight of what it means to pause and rest…

And today You brought John 14:18 to mind. Though all my being cries out for a mum and dad, for a mentor, You have promised You would not leave me as an orphan, You would come to me.

And this is my prayer tonight.

Lord, come. It’s been too long…

Journey {Corrine May}

It’s a long, long journey
‘Til I know where I’m supposed to be
It’s a long, long journey
And I don’t know if I can believe
When shadows fall and block my eyes
I am lost and know that I must hide
It’s a long, long journey
‘Til I find my way home to You

Many days I’ve spent
Drifting on through empty shores
Wondering what’s my purpose
Wondering how to make me strong
I know I will falter, I know I will cry
I know you’ll be standing by my side
It’s a long, long journey
And I need to be close to You

Sometimes it seems no one understands
I don’t even know why I do the things I do
When pride builds me up ’til I can’t see my soul
Will you break down these walls and pull me through?

‘Cause it’s a long, long journey
‘Til I feel that I am worth the price You paid for me on calvary
Beneath those stormy skies
When satan mocks and friends turn to foes
It feels like everything is out to make me lose control
It’s a long, long journey
‘Til I find my way home to You

Love That Will Not Let Me Go…

O Love that wilt not let me go,
I rest my weary soul in thee;
I give thee back the life I owe,
That in thine ocean depths its flow
May richer, fuller be.

O light that followest all my way,
I yield my flickering torch to thee;
My heart restores its borrowed ray,
That in thy sunshine’s blaze its day
May brighter, fairer be.

O Joy that seekest me through pain,
I cannot close my heart to thee;
I trace the rainbow through the rain,
And feel the promise is not vain,
That morn shall tearless be.

O Cross that liftest up my head,
I dare not ask to fly from thee;
I lay in dust life’s glory dead,
And from the ground there blossoms red
Life that shall endless be.

A hymn by George Mathewson

When I Am Afraid (and Alone)

Whenever I am afraid,
I will trust in You.

You number my wanderings;
Put my tears into Your bottle;
Are they not in Your book?

In God I have put my trust;
I will not be afraid.
What can man do to me?

Vows made to You are binding upon me, O God;
I will render praises to You,

For You have delivered my soul from death.
Have You not kept my feet from falling,
That I may walk before God
In the light of the living?

(Selected verses from psalm 56, NKJV)

Oh, to be Christlike!

When I think I am taken for granted,


where I feel ‘good’ is never enough…

These are times I can learn the One who was met with contempt and looked down upon.

Any wrong committed against me compares not to the wrongs I have done against Christ.

Any sin or rebellion committed as His child is a slap across His face, treating His death, His resurrection and His grace with contempt.

Lest I forget.

Lord, teach me.

Don’t Give Up

Exactly a year ago, I was desperately praying to be well enough to join my family for our long-anticipated trip to melbourne and NZ. Fighting endless spates of illness, I was worn in body, mind and soul.

Who could have known, what the lord would have in store for me several months down the road?

Hold on, persevere.
Do not give up on God.
He has never given up on you.