To the Beautiful Women in My Life

“God has many He wants to embrace and love through us, so amidst our own pain and sadness we have to wipe away our tears and give out of our own broken-heartedness. I’ve realized that running on empty sometimes is the best way to go. Empty of ourselves and filled of Him, we may surprise ourselves at the outcome of our abundance from which we give out of.”

This is an excerpt of what mummy wrote me a few months into my life as a missionary and wife last year.

Her words carry weight because she has lived a life of incredible courage, sacrifice and love.

I am so grateful for both my mums, who have undoubtedly sacrificed so much for us and our families. They are people whose prayers I covet and know I can depend on. I can’t remember the many times I’ve sent SOS prayer requests to them. They have always, always, been there for me.

I miss you both so much this mothers’ day.
Love you both.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

I’m glad you’re spending your birthday in beautiful Scotland with your even beautifuller wife 😀

Thank you for being my father and for always desiring the best for me. I recall you barging into the doctor’s office with comical aplomb when one of the junior doctors broke the news to us about my illness. I found it so humorous even at that time, when most patients would be grim and worried.

Thank you for constantly saying that you enjoy my piano playing, and for paying attention to my music whether you’re busy watching the news on TV, catching up on Malaysian politics and international and unbiased news on the Internet or even more importantly, very important business in the bathroom (okay, I got a little too far… Whoops).

It is difficult to put into words what I’m grateful for, for a father does many things that we can and usually do take for granted. Unlike a mother, a father is usually more detached from his offspring due to time constraints and work responsibilities, and more clueless when it comes to their children’s emotional and social needs. But a father bears many difficulties in the outside world as he shoulders the responsibility of providing for his family. A responsible father is willing to bear the burden of seeing his children grow up well and ensures that their basic needs are provided for.

Thank you for being that father to me, and so much more.

I love you.

Happy birthday. 



Dear Sam

The day has come for you to spread your wings and leave the familiar to pursue your dreams.

In your pursuit of knowledge never forget that one can be perfectly learned and yet utterly foolish. My word for you remains the same, “it is possible to have everything and yet nothing, but it is possible to have nothing and yet everything”.

Run the race with the end in mind.

I love you so much and wish I could be home to send you off.

You will always be my Sam baby. 🙂
I will always remember with fondness the times we got to spend together, especially when you were still very young. Putting you to bed and making up stories to amuse you (remember Apuneneh?), taking care of you when you’re sick in my usual crazy way, going marketing together and you accompanying me in my shopping, teaching in Hokkien Sunday school, and basically being my sidekick and little lamb.

I am sorry for the many times I have not been patient or kind with you. Thank you for loving me and being a faithful and supportive brother to nick and I. You are indeed the best third wheel in the world. We would hope to love to visit you someday and maybe, by then, we would have a little one to offer third wheel services to you and your beloved. 🙂

Know that with God, you will be able to rise above adversity, emerging only stronger and more useful for His kingdom.




Love you always.

Mum & Dad are here in Kalimantan!

So blessed to have mum & Dad here in kalimantan. 🙂 how I’ve missed my family back home…


We are now in the midst of our final preparations for our syukuran pernikahan (marriage thanksgiving) as many of our Indonesian friends could not make it for our wedding in Penang. We are doing it ala dayak to identify with the people here, and we hope that this ceremony will be a chance to bring the gospel to them as well as bless them with good, home cooked Dayak food.



Thankful for many helping hands!

Pray for good weather and safety for our guests esp those who are traveling from far away villages. May the Lord be glorified.