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My Prayer Today…

Many hearts are hungry tonight,

Many trapped in darkness yearn for the Light

So many who are far from home,

And many who are lost

Oh, Lord, Your wounded children need

The power of Your cross

As bread that is broken, use our lives

As wine that is poured out, a willing sacrifice

Empower us, Father, to share the love of Christ

As bread that is broken Lord, use our lives

Help us to begin where we are.

Help us love the people near to our hearts

Then give our faith a mission field

Wherever You may call

Lord, love Your world through each of us,

Until we’ve touched them all 

It is Good to Remember… 

Throwback picture. Taken at 20 weeks.

Remembering God’s grace as I look back on the past few months. We (Nick, baby and I) have survived running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere in Kalimantan, a burst tyre on the highway, unexpected events that led to many changes in plans, many check ups at the clinic and hospital, hospitalisation, my friend and I getting chased down and followed by an un-gentleman driving a luxury car during my trip back to penang and the latest, running away from a fire at the eatery we were dining at in Kuching. 😂

God has never promised a trouble free life. But His grace is always sufficient for His children. 

Immensely grateful for the support and kindness of the different people He has put along our way to bring us shelter, aid and comfort. Thank you guys from the bottom of our heart. ❤

​To say that ‘Jesus is the reason we celebrate’ goes further than ‘Hooray, we wine, dine & celebrate because it’s Jesus’s birthday!’ to 
He is the reason we want many more to come to that joy of knowing and loving Him. 
To truly celebrate {and treasure} Jesus requires more than a metaphorical birthday cake and the blowing of candles.
It is remembering the reason to why He came and aspiring to do as He did.