The ‘Mummy Look’ ¬†

The title makes me smile (I’m thinking Egyptian mummified Pharaohs, perhaps not too far off from my current physical appearance, lol!) 

{Note the inside out T-shirt and the designer bags under my eyes.} 

I’m consciously reminding myself to enjoy this season with my newborn. Though the nights can be long, the days will pass swiftly, and if I do not treasure this moments, they will soon be gone. 

OK to be Inadequate, not OK to be Disobedient 

“When I thought about Mary (the mother of Christ), I decided not to strive to be a perfect mother but to simply endeavor to be like she was – completely unprepared but ready to take the child God handed to her. Mary’s faith was courageous and her obedience was complete. She submitted to God, regardless of the cost or the consequences. She submitted, even if it meant losing her reputation and the man she loved. Or even her life.”

Katie Davis